I had the honour this week of finding out I was nominated for a Professional Service Award by the local Chamber. This was incredible humbling as I know the nomination came from clients happy with my service. At only a year in, I felt that was a great milestone achievement to be recognized with so many other great businesses and business people.

Just before hearing this, I was listening to a business podcast about how many people see the glory of Entrepreneurs but few see the work that goes into it. I thought about this comment a lot and when I looked around at my clients and entrepreneurs I have met and talked to along the way I think it is absolutely true. I look at the list from the award nominations and it shows individuals and businesses and celebrates the successes they have had.

It shows their name and recognizes the success, but behind this is the work. The grunt. The grind. The late nights. The working another hour after the kids are down. It is the tight cash flows and the checks to make sure you can make payroll when it is tight. It is the thrill of getting your first sale or of meeting your monthly or yearly targets. It is talking late into the night with your spouse on a new product or service you want to offer.

That brings us to the support. Each business owner celebrating their success had a mountain of people supporting them and helping them through. Spouses, kids, brothers, sisters, friends and the list goes on. They take a brunt of the workload to ease their loved ones burden (even if it just being a sympathetic ear).

When you see a business owner nominated for an award. Remember that you are only seeing the Glory not the Grunt behind it and the team behind them that helped them bear the burden and break through. These entrepreneurs give a lot of themselves and they should be celebrated for that. So congrats to all, you deserve it.

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