Quick Tips: Starting Up and Starting Strong

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wAre you starting a business? If you are starting up a side hustle or even a core business you may want to think about starting lean and positioning yourself for financial success. There is a time to go all-in but testing the waters can also make sure your bets are in the best place. Here are a few tips. Start lean. Spend smart and be flexible. If you don’t spend much at the start you won’t have to make a bundle to get out of the red. This makes it much easier to start a successful business. Start your business lean [...]

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Do I charge GST / HST on my remote services?

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We work with a lot of consultants and the question often comes up “Do I need to charge GST / HST on my consulting services that I perform for clients in another country (usually the USA)?” The simple answer is no! In Canada, the Canada Revenue Agency deems the place of supply for services to be the location that your client is based even if you perform the work remotely (in Canada). However, there are some exemptions and it does depend on the type of service you are providing. On the Canada Revenue Agency website, they clearly indicate that most goods and services [...]

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