The Entrepreneur – The Grunt and the Glory

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I had the honour this week of finding out I was nominated for a Professional Service Award by the local Chamber. This was incredible humbling as I know the nomination came from clients happy with my service. At only a year in, I felt that was a great milestone achievement to be recognized with so many other great businesses and business people. Just before hearing this, I was listening to a business podcast about how many people see the glory of Entrepreneurs but few see the work that goes into it. I thought about this comment a lot and when I [...]

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Are you ready to be an entrepreneur?

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It's a Grind Being an entrepreneur can be a grind. Running a small business will be the most rewarding and also the most difficult thing that you ever do. Or at least it is for me. My undergrad degree was a Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurship. I studied entrepreneurship everyday and analyzed case study after case study on business owners and their stories. We looked at the types, traits, life circumstances and then got into the steps they took to make it happen. We looked at cases where they succeeded and also where they didn’t. For my first blog post, I [...]

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