How to Invite Your Accountant to Xero

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The Xero accounting app makes it super easy to invite your accountant to access your books and records. With the invite a user feature, in just a few clicks, your accountant will have access to your books. Here’s how to invite your accountant to Xero in five simple steps. From the dashboard, click on your business name and go to “Settings.”  Then select “Users.”  In the top right, you should see a green button that says “Invite a User.” Click on this. Now enter your accountant’s name and email then check the box that says, “Business and accountant.” We also recommend [...]

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No-Code Accounting: What It Is and Why You Should Use It

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No-code accounting is a term that you may have heard floating around the internet lately. But what does this mean? Simply put, no-code accounting is an approach to accounting that doesn't require any coding skills.  You may be thinking, but I have never had to know how to code when bookkeeping before. You are right, individual software does not require coding. The term "no-code" refers to building connections between apps that are not already connected.  This can be a huge advantage for small business owners who don't have time to learn how to code or don't want to spend the money [...]

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How to Choose the Best Tech Stack for Your Business

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Technology is constantly advancing and changing. The best way to stay ahead of the curve and be on the cutting-edge of what your customers want is to stay up to date with the latest tech trends. However, this is easier said than done. Choosing the best tech stack for your business can be more challenging than it seems.  In this post, we’ll share a few tips for making this process easier. We’ll also explore some of the newest tech trends and give you a few ideas for incorporating them into your business. 1. What is a tech stack? A tech stack [...]

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The Canada Media Fund: What You Need to Know

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If you’re looking for help funding your digital media project, check out the Canada Media Fund. This Fund helps with projects in the audiovisual entertainment space. With several programs grouped into two main streams, there’s a good chance the Fund has something for your project. Read on to learn more. History of the Canada Media Fund Funded by the Federal government in connection with Canadian cable, satellite, and IPTV distributors, the Canada Media Fund (CMF) was started in 2010. According to Unesco, aligning with the priorities of the Government of Canada, the Fund’s goals include providing financing for the “sustainable production [...]

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Business Technology Essentials

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If you’re new to running a business or maybe you feel like you need to up your game, you may want to take a look at your business technology. There are a number of technology items you can’t live without in today’s business world. Over the last couple of months, we have shared some of our favourite business tech. Today, we’ll share what you simply can’t live without. Business Technology for Marketing Even if your store is physical only and you don’t plan to sell anything online, a presence on the web is important. Many people go online to learn more [...]

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The Safe Way to Collect Electronic Signatures

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Electronic signatures are on the rise now that more and more people work from home. If you require signatures in your business, you may have been wondering if you can legally collect them electronically. And if you can, what is the best way to do this? As an accounting firm dealing with personal information every day, we’ve got the low down on electronic signatures. Read on to learn about electronic signature collection in Canada as well as our recommended programs for capturing signatures. Are electronic signatures legal in Canada? The short answer is yes! E-signatures, including those that require the signer [...]

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Grow Your Business with Shopify

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At its simplest level, Shopify is a platform that allows you to sell your products online and in person. But this platform can help you with so much more than that. We thought we’d share more about all the things you can do with this robust platform. In this article, the folks at Shopify say that when you partner with Shopify, you get the core functions of running a business. More specifically, you get a storefront, a payment processor, a shipping partner, a back office, and a marketing platform.  Read on to learn how one platform can offer all this. Shopify [...]

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Wagepoint: The Friendliest Payroll App

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Wagepoint is a payroll app that lets you pay employees and contractors. There’s no need to mess around with spreadsheets or use manual calculations. In fact, when you do these things, you run the risk of preparing inaccurate payroll records. Inaccurate payroll records can result in audits for you as the business owner and tax return adjustments for your employees. No Complicated Calculations When you use an app like Wagepoint, the app does the heavy lifting for you. You enter your employees’ personal information, including their wage or salary, and personal tax credits. With Wagepoint, you can pay employees directly through [...]

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How to Process Customer Payments in the Digital Age

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With so many apps and programs available to run your business online and in-person, how do you choose the best way to process customer payments? Without question, you’ll want to choose the app that meets your needs the best.  At Virtual Heights Accounting we have experience with three of the most common payment processing options. Read on to learn more about these options and why we like them. Payment Processing Options For the most part, gone are the days where clients pay you by mailing a cheque. This is a good thing. Speeding up payments means more money to you in [...]

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Does the Canada Revenue Agency Accept Digital Documents?

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Have you ever wondered if the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will accept your digital documents in the event you are audited? Given all the business that’s conducted online these days, it’s not surprising the CRA has a policy on electronic record keeping. It’s a fairly lengthy and thorough document, so we’ve included the main points below. If your office is paperless or you are thinking about going paperless, you’ll want to read on! Acceptable Digital Documents The short answer to the question posed as the title of this post is, yes! The CRA does accept digital documents. But you’ll want to [...]

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