Updated for 2022! We originally posted this in 2017, we have updated for the current podcasts on our Spotify playlist.

Even small insights (if they are implemented) can substantially change your business. Small changes result in large changes over time. So where do you get the advice and knowledge?

Well, I am a podcast junkie. I love learning via tuning into an audio podcast. I have always had a thirst for learning and love podcasts because they can fit into my everyday life (drives, runs or when working on something that can stand background noise). If you have not become a podcaster yet, I recommend you try it. I find them informative, entertaining and motivational and learn something new from each one. You are not going to learn much from Ed Sheeran on your local pop-rock station!

Planet Money – NPR 

This is one of my favorite podcasts on money and finance. And no, it is not because I am a geeky accountant. I find Planet Money takes specific topics and digs into them in a funny and clever way. Yes, you will probably learn new things but I find it very entertaining while still being thought-provoking. The hosts do a great job. It is based out of the US but the finance topics covered are generally applicable to us in the north as well. If you have not heard it, stop everything and download.

Freakonomics AND No Stupid Questions

These are two podcasts that are hosted by Stephen J. Dubner who published the book also called Freakonomics with Steven Levitt back in 2005. The Freakonomics podcast’s Spotify description is that it tells you things you always thought you knew (but didn’t). That is a wonderful explanation and is fascinating while also being easy to listen to (as economic podcasts go). The No Stupid Questions Podcast is another one that brings on a co-host named Angela Duckworth to chat alongside Dubner. Angela is the author of Grit and is a well-known research psychologist. They cover specific questions from listeners and a funny and educational format on a variety of topics. It is more of a social behaviour podcast than a business podcast but is interesting and informative on the topic.

Other Great Business Podcasts

Some others I have listed that are really great include: The Ted Radio Hour and Short Wave. If you are looking for some Canadian-specific podcasts for tips and tricks on starting and running a business then you could listen to Startup Canada Podcast or the Build it Braver Podcast (sponsored by American Express). Both bring on Canadian entrepreneurs and experts to discuss everything from strategy to operations.

If you know some great podcasts yourself, please comment below with them so we can share. Happy listening!


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