What is a business coach and why do I need one? When you start a business you hear a lot of recommendations to get a business coach. I have run into a lot of independent business coaches in my years as an Accountant. Many business owners do not really know what they do and thus I have decided to explain a little bit about business coaching (at least how I see and do it).

As a business coach, I help business owners take their ideas and put them into practice. We define steps they can take and ways to measure those steps. I also provide guidance and help business owners recognize planning areas they may have overlooked.

Many do not realize that many accountants offer business coaching services as well. This is the area I love and thus I have decided to focus on it even more than another Accountant might. It fits well with my background and education in small and medium sized business with the CPA and Masters acting as complimentary tools.

Many business coaches do not have an accounting background but may have seen success and then go on to try to help others find their own success. They may or may not have additional training in business coaching and / or a Masters to assist them in this. When searching for a coach, you should try speaking to a few to get an idea of their experience and background to see if it is the right fit. One size does not fit all and one coach might not fit all. I find industry experience is less important than mindset. That being said, in highly technical industries, you may want to seek out a business coach that focuses on serving that particular field.

Your coach has to be able to see where you want to go in order to help you get there!

So then – why do people get a business coach?

Often people will go into business with an idea but feel less than comfortable with the actual idea of running a business. Typically, this relates to more the administrative side, the planning, the strategy, the compliance – all of that can make people nervous. So if you are one of these people you are not alone!

Others just want a business coach to help bring focus and direction to a growing business.

A business coach assists the owner on focusing their efforts to determine a strategy and optimize performance in way that works for them.

Typically business coaches offer their services either by the hour or as part of a package. It will depend what you are looking for and where your business is at thus you should have a reasonable idea of what you want to get out of the coaching and relay this to any potential coach.

The business owner is the ultimate decision maker of their business. A business coach is there to lend support. We provide active listening and help the business owner find the right path for them. A business coach should not be telling you what to do, they should be listening to what you want to do, then working with you to create a plan to do it!

Virtual Heights Accounting is a CPA and business coaching firm. If you are looking at taking your business to the next level and are interested in our business coaching services, please contact us. We serve all industries using a practical approach based on our extensive experience with small and medium sized businesses. Take your business to new heights!