Remember when you first started your business? You were so excited about it that you were constantly telling people about it, and you jumped out of bed, eager to start your day. But somewhere along the way, that excitement turned into a sense of obligation. Right now, you don’t love your business, you wish you could get a break from it. 

This is totally normal, and happens more often than you think. Many entrepreneurs start their businesses with a lot of hope and positivity. Once they see all the things that go into running a successful business, they realize it’s much more than what they planned for. Here are a few reasons you don’t love your business anymore and what you can do about them.

The Hustle Mindset

Many people start their businesses as a side hustle. This is a great way to get started growing your business without having to lose your steady income. At some point though, you need to get rid of the hustle mindset. It’s hard to relax and rejuvenate when your brain is constantly thinking, “Go, go, go.” This will cause you to feel like you should be working all the time, and that’s not healthy.

To avoid the hustle mindset, be sure to schedule downtime in your calendar. Another way to remove some of the hustle is to delegate jobs that can be done by other people. What can you hand off to someone else? 

To love your business again, you want to focus on the parts of your business you enjoy the most. An accountant can free up time for you by taking on some of your daily administrative work like bookkeeping, processing payroll, and filing government forms.

Too Much Paperwork

It seems like when you run a business there are always forms to fill out. The nature of running a business is that there are forms for everything: applying for financing, hiring employees, paying bills, reporting your sales taxes.

Soon, you’ve lost sight of why you started your business in the first place because you’re spending your days filling out paperwork and filing things in such a way that you’ll remember where they are. 

There’s not much you can do to reduce paperwork. Sure, you can go paperless, but you’ll still have the same forms to fill out. The more organized you are, the quicker you can get through the paperwork and on to the parts of your business you enjoy the most. 

Accountants know how to organize paperwork, and they can pass this knowledge onto you. They can help you create systems to deal with all those papers in an efficient way. There are some types of paperwork they can do for you, like filing your sales tax and WorkSafe BC reports.

Doing it All (and Doing it All the Time)

Let’s circle back to delegation. You don’t need to be your own bookkeeper, lawyer, or accountant, and it’s better for your business if you let a professional handle the legal and financial aspects of your business. 

Maybe in the beginning you avoided hiring business advisors, because you thought you couldn’t afford to hire an accountant and a lawyer. The money you save by working with professional business advisors more than makes up for the price of their bill. 

Aren’t you worried about all the things you might be missing by doing all these things yourself?

Taking on tasks you’re not qualified to do is also a great way to start resenting your business. It takes time away from the aspects of your business you enjoy. It’s also frustrating because you’re trying to learn things business professionals have spent years in school and on the job training for. 

Love your business again and hire a team of business professionals.  

How to Love Your Business Again

It may not have crossed your mind that your accountant can help you love your business again. They offer solutions to all the problems mentioned above and more. If you’ve been feeling stuck in your business, stop and take a moment to reflect on why that is. 

Do you wish you had more time to spend with your family? Are you stressed out about filing your taxes?

If you’re having trouble pinpointing the reason for not loving your business anymore, your accountant can help with that too. Accountants do so much more than file taxes and keep your financial books and records up to date

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