Being a business owner sometimes means doing things you don’t enjoy like making “The Call.” You know, the one that starts with idle chit chat and quickly leads to, “So, any chance you’ll be paying your invoice in the next week?” Nobody likes having to hunt down customers who haven’t paid. Avoid having to make The Call with Xero mobile payments.

What are Xero Mobile Payments?

Xero mobile payments use Xero invoicing together with Stripe and/or PayPal integrations so you can accept debit card, credit card, and pre-authorized debit payments directly in Xero. Instal the Xero app on your cell phone, and you can accept payments wherever you are.

Send Invoices Straight from Your Cell Phone

The Xero app is available in the App Store and on Google Play. Once it’s installed, you’re able to login to your Xero account and start sending invoices directly from your phone. This means, if you operate a mobile business, you can invoice your customer before you even leave their premises. 

Get Paid Faster Even When You’re Not Mobile

With the Xero online payments integration, your customers will see a big, green “Pay Now” button at the top of all the invoices they receive from you whether you’ve invoiced them using Xero on your phone or on your desktop.

This “Pay Now” button grabs customers’ attention encouraging them to pay sooner rather than later. When customer’s click the button, they can choose their preferred method of payment. It’s convenient for you and your customers.

Improve Your Collection Time

Your collection time is the time it takes you to get paid for your outstanding invoices. By shortening this amount of time, you will improve your cash flow, freeing up cash for whatever you need. Your business gets its cash faster, allowing you to pay company expenses or reinvest in the company.

It’s also a big weight off your shoulders not having to worry about whether your customers are going to pay you. That’s never a good feeling.

Easily Track Delinquent Payments

When you use Xero online payments, figuring out who still owes you is a piece of cake. Customers who pay using the “Pay Now” button are automatically marked as paid in Xero. For customers who pay with a different method, you can match the invoice to the deposit in Xero. 

As long as Xero is reconciled and up-to-date, you can view outstanding accounts receivable directly from your Xero dashboard and instantly know who hasn’t paid.

If you’ve been looking for an online payment solution you can also use on-the-go, Xero mobile payments has you covered. Get paid faster and easily see who still owes you money. If you need help getting set up with Xero online payments or want more ideas for improving your cash flow, give us a call, we’re happy to help.

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