An important part of doing business from home is ensuring you’ve got the right tools. Xero cloud-based accounting software is one of those tools. With the option to add Xero integrations, there’s nothing you can’t do. 

Whether you want to get paid faster, process payroll, or track profitability based on specific jobs, you can do it all with Xero.

What are Xero Integrations?

A Xero integration is an app that works in conjunction with Xero so you can do more. With integrations, you can work more efficiently, because the integration saves the time it takes for you to go back to Xero and enter something manually after having calculated it in another app.

For example, without an integration, you’d have a separate program to calculate your payroll. Once you’ve done that, you’d need to login to Xero and record the paycheques and associated payroll deductions. But with an integration, those amounts are automatically updated in Xero for you.

Xero integrations make your business life (and ours) easier. Here are some the integrations we think are worth checking out.

For Getting Paid

Getting paid is a key component of doing business, so the easier you can make that for your customers, the better it is for you too.


With so many people using PayPal to get paid, it’s not surprising it’s one of Xero’s most popular integrations. 


Stripe makes it easy for you to take credit and debit cards from your customers for invoices sent through Xero. 

For Job Costing and Time Tracking

If you’ve ever wondered about the profitability of your jobs, you need a job costing integration.

Xero Projects

Monitor project performance and keep track of the time spent on each project with Xero Projects. Never wonder if a job is profitable again.

For Payroll

If you have employees, you don’t want the hassle of having to record your payroll manually in Xero every pay period. These integrations make payroll entries a breeze.


Use Wagepoint to import payroll directly into Xero. You choose to import based on pay period, time period, or by invoice.


With SimplePay, you can sync with your Xero accounts in one easy click. Use SimplePay for payroll, T4 processing, and records of employment.

For Inventory Tracking

A key component for product-based businesses is inventory tracking. You can’t sell something you don’t have.

DEAR Inventory

We’ve blogged about DEAR Inventory before and that’s because we think it’s a great solution. With the DEAR Inventory integration, you can streamline order fulfillment, allow customers to manage and automate their orders, manage orders across multiple sales channels, and more.

There’s a Xero integration for anything you might want to do when running your business from home. If you can’t find an integration to do what you want, Xero integrates with Zapier which was designed specifically to integrate various web apps. 

To learn more about these integrations and many more, head over to the Xero App Marketplace, or contact us. We help many of our clients with Xero integrations and use some ourselves!

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