Are you an Amazon seller looking to streamline your accounting for your Canadian corporation? There are a lot of great cloud accounting software to choose from.

As a Canadian cloud accountant based in BC, I have seen Xero work great for a variety of online retail companies.  It is a great choice for the Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) Seller.

Why Xero for Amazon Sellers?

  • Xero integrates with A2X – A2X provides simple automated Amazon accounting by importing your Amazon transactions directly into Xero for easy reconciliation.
  • Xero has multi-currency to satisfy your reporting requirements in Canada if you have both USD and CDN bank accounts.
  • Automatically sync your Xero and Amazon Inventory with Dear Inventory – another automated integration tool.
  • Satisfy your Canadian Sales Tax Reporting Requirements Using Xero Sales Tax Reports.

There are a lot of integrations available to the Amazon seller. These can be used to automate and streamline your business while you scale. However, you must make sure the integrations work for you, your business and your wallet. This may mean adopting integrations as you grow or implementing them as part of your foundation. The costs can add up quickly and you need to determine what is necessity and what is a novelty.

If you are looking are an FBA Seller or looking to become one. Chat with a tech savvy accountant. We can help you get set up and complete the books yourself to reduce costs. Or you can outsource the whole accounting process to us. Drop us an email and we set up a call to discuss a custom quote.

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