Virtual Heights Accounting is excited to share that we are officially Gold Partner status with Xero. From day one, Xero has been our go-to accounting app, so we are excited to achieve this milestone and pass along some great benefits to our clients in the process.

Xero is the go-to app for real-time accounting. When your books and Records are accurate and up-to-date (in real time), you can make informed and effective decisions now, not six months from now. This offers you the benefits of reaching your business goals faster and the ability to pivot if necessary.

What is a Gold Partner?

Gold Partner status is Xero’s way of recognizing advisors who scale with their app. Gold Partners provide an exceptionally high level of expertise and the ability to meet your business needs with Xero’s efficiency.

Xero also provides training and certification for its advisors. At Virtual Heights Accounting, we are a team of Xero Certified Advisors. This means we have trained directly with Xero and passed their certification process, so we can provide you with the best advice for using the app in your business.

Technology at Our Fingertips . .  and Yours!

Xero has always been our go-to accounting app, because we recognized a need in the accounting industry for real-time reporting. But this isn’t the only benefit of using Xero. Xero is user-friendly with the ability to automate several parts of the bookkeeping process, saving you precious time.

Xero is an amazing, highly functional accounting app on its own, but they have partnered with several other apps to provide you with over 60 opportunities for integration. This means even more time-saving features for things such as payroll, business analysis, and inventory tracking when you choose Xero.

As they say in their app store, “Doing business is better with the right apps.”

As a Gold Partner with zero we are happy to help you:

  • Get set up on Xero,
  • Learn Xero and any related apps,
  • Use Xero to analyze and scale your business, and
  • Understand the best strategy to meet your business goals. 

If you have questions about Xero or would like to learn more about how we use it with our clients, contact us here. We’re happy to get you started and on your way to reaching your business goals with Xero.