If you’re looking for help funding your digital media project, check out the Canada Media Fund. This Fund helps with projects in the audiovisual entertainment space. With several programs grouped into two main streams, there’s a good chance the Fund has something for your project. Read on to learn more.

History of the Canada Media Fund

Funded by the Federal government in connection with Canadian cable, satellite, and IPTV distributors, the Canada Media Fund (CMF) was started in 2010. According to Unesco, aligning with the priorities of the Government of Canada, the Fund’s goals include providing financing for the “sustainable production of screen-based Canadian content across multiple platforms such as television, wireless devices or the internet.” 

The Fund is run independently of the government with its own board of directors. 

Types of Projects Funded

The CMF supports projects with Canadian content in the audiovisual entertainment industry. This includes app creation, virtual reality and video games, software conceptualization, prototyping, production, and marketing.

In 2021, the Fund announced it will be investing $49.3M in 112 Canadian audiovisual projects. Included in the list of funded projects are adventure games, web apps, tactic games, documentaries, animated series, and more. 

How to Apply

There are several paths to funding with the CMF. You can view the full list of programs for 2022-2023 in April 2022. You can sign up here to be notified when the list is available. Past programs have included Racialized Communities, Northern Incentives, Indigenous Programs, Francophone Minorities, Anglophone Minorities, and more.

There are two main streams: Experimental and Convergent. 

The Experimental Stream is for companies developing “innovative, interactive content and leading edge software applications for digital media platforms.” The Convergent Stream focuses on supporting “the creation of convergent television and digital media content which Canadians can enjoy anytime, anywhere.”

Before applying, you must understand the program guidelines to determine if you meet the qualification criteria. From there it’s important to note program deadlines to ensure you have all the necessary information organized in plenty of time.

For help navigating the funding application process, check out the steps on the Canada Media Fund’s website, or get in touch to learn how we can help.