Have you been asked to fill out a federal or provincial TD1 form? This video shows you how to complete it. In this example, we use the BC form.

You will complete the provincial form that your employer is a resident. That means if you are a remote employee that works from BC but you work for an Ontario company then you will have to complete an Ontario TD1 form.

Also, remember to provide your employer with the email address that you would like to receive notification of e-pay stubs to (if they offer that) and also a void cheque.

Side explanation on void cheques and direct deposit forms: If you don’t have any cheques around, then you can also ask at your bank for a direct deposit form. Some banks also allow you to print this from your online banking. These forms provide your employer with the same information as the void cheque namely 1) An institution number (3 numbers that tell the employer which bank you use), the transit number (5 numbers that tells the employer your branch) and your account number.

Here is the TD1 form explanation:

If your circumstances change you should also let your employer know and update your TD1 form with them.

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