Well, it depends on the package you have chosen and your specific needs.

Bookkeeping: For our bookkeeping plans, typically when you get an invoice or receipt you upload it to us through one of our recommended easy-to-use apps, the software program also syncs with your bank/credit cards to download bank and credit card transactions. We then complete the processing required saving you time and money and allowing us to provide a higher level of service that will help you focus on what you do best (your business!).

Year End and Tax: You receive our custom checklists via email that requests the specific items we need to get started. You will be able to comment and upload items directly to the checklist. You can also create a client portal to access current and past checklists right from our website. Once you have uploaded the requested items or commented, you then mark the item as complete. The work is then deployed to our staff and we can get started on your year-end processes. We will then be in touch on any additional items as they come up.

Other Services: Can be provided and will likely follow a similar flow to the explanations above.