I am a podcast junkie. I love learning via tuning into an audio podcast. I have always had a thirst for learning and love podcasts because they can fit into my everyday life (drives, runs or when working on something that can stand background noise). If you have not become a podcaster yet, I recommend you try it. I find them informative, entertaining and motivational and learn something new from each one. You are not going to learn much from Ed Sheeran on your local pop rock station!

These are the five most on my radar this week. Oh and if your looking for a great podcast app, I personally use Stitcher and love it. Just search for it on your play store.

Planet Money – NPR

This is one of my favourite podcasts. And no, it is not because I am a geeky accountant. I find Planet Money takes specific topics and digs into them in a funny and clever way. Yes, you will probably learn new things but I find it very entertaining while still being thought provoking. The hosts do a great job. If you have not heard it, stop everything and download.

Ted Radio Hour

I love Ted Talks. I think they are an excellent contribution to our knowledge and society today. If you do not know, Ted Talks take individuals who have been very successful in their field to speak on something related. Each Talk and speaker is different so it is a great way to learn about a lot of different concepts. In addition to including parts of the actual Ted Talk the host interviews the speakers and add some commentary. It all makes for an amazing show and the host, Guy Raz, is great.

I will also note the host of Ted Radio Hour also does a kid’s science podcast called “Wow in the World”. My 6-year-old loves it and remembers the dates of the week it is released and asks for the new episode each time. Apparently, I am already turning her into an avid podcaster.

Entrepreneurial Though Leaders – A Stanford Speaker Series

I happened across this podcast and was blown away. Each episode I find riveting like being back in the classroom with your favorite professor and being in awe. Each episode has a different amazing speaker from a variety of industries. Stanford puts on the podcast (supported by their Entrepreneurship club) so they can get some high-level contributors. It is worth a listen.

Entrepreneur on Fire

John Lee Dumos has an excellent presence on his show while interviewing entrepreneurs. Most of the entrepreneurs are from the US and Canada but he has some guests as well. He has been doing it a few years now and has created a persona and trademark with certain questions he is guaranteed to ask. The flow works well. The podcast does have two sponsorship slots so be prepared to be “sold to” but I find the tips and tricks learned from these entrepreneurs and JLD himself is worth it for sure.

I know I hit four but I still have a few honourable mentions.

A friend just told me about a podcast called Freakonomics (like the book). I have only given it one listen so far but like what I hear so far. I think that one might be on the next list.

As well, if you are keen on entrepreneurship and in the Millennial (or close to it) category there is also a podcast by Brandon T. Adams called “Live to Grind”. It follows the same basic approach as EOFire above with interviewing entrepreneurs, but Brandon has a different persona and brings it to the table.

Last but not least, The You Can Do That Here Podcast is a great podcast based out of the Kootenay’s. Andrew Zwicker does a great job along with co-host, Kelly Mclean, of interviewing entrepreneurs who have found success while living in the beautiful Kootenay area. Locals should not miss out on this and nor should entrepreneurs looking to move to somewhere with abundant opportunities and a beautiful backdoor.

If you know some great podcasts yourself, please comment below with them so we can share. Happy listening!


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