Going Paperless through Cloud Accounting 

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Go paperless in your small business. Set it up the right way using cloud accounting software you will come to love.   Step 1) Get off the desktop solution and sign up to a cloud accounting software like Xero and Quickbooks Key advantages: Access invoicing on the go and connect your bank accounts for an automated download of your transactions. You can also easily add a pay button to your invoices. This will get you paid faster and save you time while also getting better clarity on your business. Step 2) Stop using cheque’s - Look for other payment methods like credit [...]

Cloud Accounting Presentation – PowerPoint Slides for CPA Event

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At some point, I will try to put out a webinar on this topic. Until then, as requested, here are the pdf slides for the PowerPoint Presentation on cloud accounting. This was from a live presentation to local CPA's and is intended for general information. Any questions or comments let me know.   Please click the link below to download. Cloud Accounting Presentation CPA   Virtual Heights Accounting is a CPA firm that operates in the virtual world. We provide virtual accounting, Virtual CFO and Virtual Controller services for your growing Company. Contact us directly to chat or follow our blog [...]

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Why I became a Cloud Accountant (3 minute read)

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Cloud accounting is when the accounting software you use is accessible by the internet and not downloaded onto a specific computer. In my practice, I am a Cloud Accountant (also called a Virtual Accountant) and work only with cloud software. Before I outline the main reasons why I became a Cloud Accountant it is important to understand what cloud accounting is. Cloud software is software that is stored on someone else’s server (Amazon or Google are the two main providers). Individuals access it through an internet connection.   Ease of Use – Apps on your Phone I love that I can [...]

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