Both. Alissa Bryden, CPA, CA and owner of Virtual Heights Accounting started her career with a BComm in Small Business and the desire to help small business owners. She then added a Masters and CPA designation to be in a position to provide the best advice possible. We believe that the best business coaching has a financial backing to it. A business coach should include discussions of the current and projected financial information. We are a CPA firm but also provide business coaching and can provide this as a standalone product or as part of our accounting packages.

Virtual Heights Accounting provides accounting services over the internet and does not have a traditional business space. Another term for this is cloud-based and it simply means that instead of keeping your files in paper form in a filing cabinet or a shoebox, everything is securely stored online. The files are made available to you through encrypted access. This saves you from the dreaded waiting room when dealing with your accounting and business coaching needs.

Absolutely. We encourage direct contact and in fact will provide unlimited support via phone or email. I also meet face-to-face via Skype, Google Hangouts or Meetingtogo.

The CRA requires all records to be kept for seven years. Your records remain secured in our cloud-based records and are accessible to only you (and our staff) for this time. If you choose to change accountants, we can provide pdf backups of all records for this time period at your request. CRA does not require paper forms of records including what are referred to as source documents (receipts). The CRA requires books and records to be retained in Canada. We have systems in place with secure providers in Canada to ensure we are meeting this requirement.

We use Xero as our cloud based accounting and practice software. Xero uses security software that major financial institutions and banks use for things like your online banking. In fact, a lot of their security systems exceed the standards within the industry. The servers on which the information is stored are physically secured by restricted access and 24 hours a day guard surveillance. They are also protected by multiple firewalls and encrypted access. Most individuals and business owners cannot say the same for their worksites. For more information on Xero’s security check out their website https://www.xero.com/ca/accounting-software/security/.

Well it depends on the service level you have chosen and your specific needs. However, typically when you get an invoice or receipt you upload it to us through one of our recommended easy to use apps, the software program also syncs with your bank / credit cards to download bank and credit card transactions. We then complete the processing required saving you time and money and allowing us to provide a higher level service which will help you focus on what you do best (growing your business)!

No! We do the legwork with the accounting software and the apps we recommend are designed for business owners like you. All that is required is a phone (android or a smart phone) with data availability or an ipad and a willingness to learn. We provide the training!

Please contact us, and we can set up an appointment at your convenience. The first appointment is a free assessment in which we will talk about you (and your business). This will give us an idea of your accounting needs and takes about half hour to an hour. From this, we will prepare and email a quote package. After this, it is your decision is you think it will be a good fit. If you sign up, we begin our training and onboarding process.