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Business owners are requiring more flexibility in a changing world. They want their financial needs taken care of, which includes the handling of receipts right to year end financials and tax returns. More than this, they want it done now, today, before the information it provides is too old to be useful. Business owners today expect information quickly and know that they need it to make better decisions.

Virtual Heights Accounting was founded with the vision of using technology to create a full service accounting firm for small businesses. A firm that offers fixed pricing and focuses on providing value beyond the basic financial statement and tax returns. With technology performing much of the data entry, a CPA can perform the reconciliations and know what is happening with the finances.

Business coaching was initially part of the accounting packages only. However, demand for a virtual business coach with a strong financial knowledge and an aptitude for cloud technology has led to this being offered as a separate service.

Together we can put together a plan to get you and your business where you want to be.
Taking you and your business to new heights.

About the Founder

Alissa Bryden graduated from University with a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and the goal of helping small businesses. While working at an accounting firm, Alissa added a second major (in Accounting) to her undergrad then went on to get her Masters in Professional Accounting and Chartered Accountant Designation (now Chartered Professional Accountant).

As she continued working as a CPA in a traditional firm Alissa saw a void in the marketplace. In researching options for technology, Alissa found Xero (Beautiful Accounting Software). Finding Xero, led to the Xero Ecosystem which is a collection of apps for businesses that “communicate” with Xero to reduce data entry. These include apps for receipt management, quoting, invoicing and POS (to name a few).

About Xero


Xero Virtual Heights Accounting

Virtual Heights Accounting focuses on a few key software for our clients. However, depending on your needs, we may be able to work with you to find other solutions for your business. With the right software, combined with the right advice, the possibilities are endless.

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